Narrowing down hotel choices

Of course I’m in need of a hotel room, scratch that —a bed,  in the busiest time of the year, in the busiest place in the world.  Which unfortuantely translates to crazy inflated pricing, huge crowds and intresting plan B options (including renting RV and tents).

Luckily I’m as flexible as Gumby when it comes to sleeping arrangements while in Munich.  My main goal was find the cheapest place that’s fairly close to a train station and within walking distance to the theresienwiese (the fest grounds).  For this big-boned beer drinker, walking distance means is no more than a mile.

So that criteria doesn’t leave many choices. There a few really great international hotel search websites that  were helpful in comparing each hotel by price and location. What was even better was the fact most websites actually have Oktoberfest listed as search criteria, all made search that much easier.

It is safe to say a lot of the hotels that fit my needs, didn’t get the best reviews on the travel websites. Which actually is making my choice very easy. So far its looks like the Alfa hotel in munich is in the lead, who also wins for the best lost-in-translation slogan  – “We do care about our guests. At any time.”  and “We look forward for you”.


We Got the Geek a Website

The first steps towards Steve’s Dream to get to Munich for Oktoberfest have been made, we have a website! 

Here you will be able stay posted about fundraising events, blogs, beer info and other goofy Oktoberfest themed stuff. 

But most importantly Steve needs your help! Check out donation links and make it happen! Thank you everyone!